Vilnius will be decorated with Ukrainian flags during the NATO Summit

Vilnius city municipality joins the initiative supporting Ukraine’s aspiration to enter the NATO alliance. On July 7-11, they are preparing to raise at least 33,000 Ukrainian flags. The city authorities emphasize that the flags will be bought and hoisted at the expense of the organisers. Residents and apartment building administrators are also invited to contribute to the initiative.

On July 11-12, all the most important leaders of the Alliance will gather in Vilnius, the meeting will be covered by thousands of world media representatives. The chosen number is symbolic – Ukraine could become the 33rd member of NATO.

“Since the beginning of the war, we have been actively supporting Ukraine. We aim to make our support visible during the NATO Summit as well. We understand the scale and importance of this meeting in the context of world political events and the opportunity to draw even greater attention of the whole world to the situation in Ukraine and its declared desire to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”, said Vilnius Mayor Valdas Benkunskas about the importance of supporting Ukraine.

The mayor of the capital invites residents and administrators of apartment buildings to contribute to the initiative. He emphasizes that it will not cost the residents anything extra – the organisers of the initiative will take care of everything.

The approved resolution accentuates that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is an unprecedented case since the Second World War, the freedom-loving people of Ukraine, sacrificing their lives and health, bravely fight to protect their values, democracy, self-government and the freedom of all of us, therefore the aim is to draw the attention of the entire world to it.